BSU alumni, Carnival cruise, and Moving on…

Hello everyone!

This is my final blog as a Ball State student (I can say that because they haven’t mailed my official diploma yet)! Four years have gone by in the blink of an eye, and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead in the next four! To catch you up, I spent the last week of school trying to pack in as much as possible. My last day of school with my third graders was on Tuesday. I knew it would be hard to say good-bye to my little munchkins, but it was equally as difficult to leave the teachers and staff who have been so kind and supportive these past few months as I’ve learned how to be an effective teacher. I miss them already and am planning a return trip this week to visit!

Had to throw in the chirp! I’m really graduating!!

Some of my roommates and I spent the night before graduation ferociously cleaning our entire house, baseboards to ceiling vents. Let’s just say, it needed a deep clean, and since all our parents were coming the next day, we decided now was as good a time as any. Until 2 a.m., we were sweeping, dusting, and mopping, and then came the graduation gown ironing and cap decorating. I used glitter glue, which was still wet during the ceremony, so I had to be careful not to drag my tassel through it! :)

The morning of graduation is a bit of a blur because everything moved so quickly! We stood in line with our respective colleges, and Allie saved seats for my parents and grandparents. She was also the honorary photographer during the occasion… what an amazing friend! :) At the main commencement ceremony, we walked down the aisle, sat in our seats, and moved our tassel when instructed to. Our main speaker was Jeffrey Feltman, who is the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs. HOLY SMOKES, I really graduated! :)

my parents, sister, and grandparents who came to celebrate with me!

After the main commencement, I had a few short minutes to hug and thank my family for coming before hustling back to another line to wait for the Teacher’s College graduation exercises to start. At this ceremony, I walked across the stage of the Art Museum to receive my diploma cover and shake the hand of Dean John Jacobson. Glenda Ritz, Indiana State Superintendent of Public Instruction, was our main speaker, and her speech resonated well with me. Her passion was evident as she spoke, and my favorite line was, “I will never teach my “last lesson” in a classroom. I promise to be an active educator as long as I live.” After the second ceremony, it was picture time, and then we made the trek back to my house for lunch and cake. It was nice to hang out with my family and friends at the place I’ve called home for the past four years. A few hours after graduating, I rushed home to see my brother and his date at prom, and seeing my brother all spiffied up made me one proud sister! :)

Cruisin’ with the BFFs :)

I had a one-day break after graduation before leaving on a CRUISE to the BAHAMAS with my roommates and best friends! We had received an option to upgrade to priority status, or VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) as Carnival calls it. We chose to accept the upgrade, and it was the greatest decision we’ve ever made! We had a huge suite with a balcony and walk-in closet, and we bypassed all the waiting in line to make it straight on the ship! We spent two days hanging out on the boat, soaking up some rays, and racing each other down the slippery slides! It felt good to be a five-year-old again! :)


We kissed a sea cucumber for a promised seven years of good luck!

The last three days of our cruise were spent exploring Half Moon Cay, Nassau, and Freeport in the Bahamas. In Half Moon Cay we swam with stingrays and fed them sushi! The stingrays acted appropriately with everyone else, but when they got to me, the stingray sucked up my whole hand and bit me with its molars! Yikes! Thankfully, I survived with just a small ouchie :) In Nassau, my friends and I toured the local attractions, went shopping on the main street, and spent time at a small beach called Junkanoo.

SHARK! Reef Shark to be exact! No zoom, it was really this close to us!

In Freeport, Allie and I went scuba diving while the rest of my friends went snorkeling. This was by far my absolute favorite adventure! We had an amazing dive crew and fellow dive team, which consisted mostly of men over 30. I’m pretty sure they don’t have a lot of female divers down there, because at the end of our dives, the one in charge of the boat said, “I don’t know who trained you girls, but they did a fantastic job. You guys are great divers!” We were grateful for their vote of confidence! :) Both dives were phenominal: Plate Reef was 85 feet and Reef Caribe was 45 feet. Among many species of fish that we identified, we also saw our first reef sharks… one on each dive! They were big and a little bit scary! :)


Back at home just in time for Mother’s Day, I have been spending time with family and trying to assume normal eating habits. Snacking every two hours at the 24-hour ice cream machine on the ship and eating gourmet, four-course meals every night placed me in a predicament upon return. Tonight, my sister and dad made steak and shrimp, so they are slowly easing me back to reality! :) I also spent the majority of my day today cleaning my room… the many boxes and bags that represented the accumulation of four years of college “stuffs” took me awhile to sort through. Spring cleaning now has a whole new meaning to me!

Before and After shot of my room. It’s still a work in progress, but at least I can walk in it!

As my years as an undergraduate come to an end, the big question that always lingers is, “Well, now that you’ve graduated, what are you going to do?” I am excited to say that I have accepted a Fulbright grant from the U.S. Congress to teach in Germany for the coming academic year! It’s crazy, it’s scary, and it seems like a dream right now… I’m sure it won’t feel real until I am boarding the plane for my trans-atlantic flight! There are many people in my life who have shown support and encouragement to me as I have grown the past 21 years, and I am grateful to include Ball State and its faculty to that list. This university, with its immersive programs, innovative technology, and creative approaches to learning, has been a guiding force in the achievement of my goals and dreams! Thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful summer!

Chirp Chirp! :)

Spring, kid funnies, Recognition, Rock of Ages, etc. :)

Hey all!

Sitting outside to do homework? Check yes! :)

Only one more week until graduation… I’m counting down the days and wandering where they’re going all at the same time! The weather has been fickle lately, but on the warm, sunny days we have been taking walks and playing outside… one day I could only find two mitts (no softball), so we tossed a lime back and forth until our neighbors playing hockey with their trashcan in the street offered theirs. Then, we were all set! :) I’m ready for summer days!

Since this is my last full week of student teaching, things are winding down, and I am doing much less actual instruction. As my teacher begins to take back subjects, I am left with more time to observe my students, enjoy their theatrics, and get stuff done on my every long To-Do List. Here are two conversations I overheard yesterday:

During inside recess                                                                                                                                        “Guys, watch out, I’m bout to turn into an operatic ninja who wields numchucks.”
“What’s operatic?”
“What are numchucks?”
“What do you sing?”
“I rather meet Batman.”
“Jeesh, guys, Miss Savage would’ve been impressed at least.”

During a language game:
“What’s a synonym for old?”
“Elderly! I called my mom that once.”
“I called my mom that once, too, and she slapped me!”
“Wow, my mom just said it’s because I give her gray hair.”

I adore third graders, even if sometimes I feel like they’re giving ME gray hair! :)

On Tuesday my parents came down to attend my Elementary Education Recognition Banquet. My favorite part about the banquet was seeing all my professors and fellow students that I hadn’t had the opportunity to connect with in awhile. You know that, despite it’s size, the Teacher’s College is a close-knit group of people just by the way they interact with each other. My professors from my introductory classes were still calling me by name and congratulating me on a successful four years. I am so incredibly grateful for the Department of Elementary Education and all it has done to invest in my life during my college years.

After the banquet, there was picture-taking and merriment until I left for Dr. Stedman’s class with my parents in tow. Dr. Stedman is the Director of National and International Scholarships at Ball State as well as an Honors Fellow. She teaches a class that I took my freshman year that led to exploration of national and international opportunities such as grants, fellowships, internships, and travel. It is in this class that I learned about the Fulbright Commission and what they do to support young global diplomatic enthusiasts. Dr. Stedman asked me to speak to her class about the Fulbright application and interview process, detailing what things were challenging and how I had grown. This informal presentation of information reminded me of just how much work it takes to apply for a national or international scholarship, but it also reiterated the ideal that I had learned plenty from the process. Whoever reads this, you, yes YOU, should apply for a scholarship or fellowship. It is a refining process, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be grateful (awhile afterwards) for the challenging, yet rewarding experience! If you want to learn about some of the other scholarships and fellowships students can apply for, visit this link.

Such a great soundtrack and cast!

To surprise my parents (and because it will be their 25th anniversary soon), I got tickets for all of us to see Rock of Ages, the musical! Emens always has fantastic seats, no matter where you’re sitting, you’ll still see everything, hear everything, and be part of the action! From the very start, I knew that it was going to be a great show, and it kept us laughing and singing along the entire way through. It was neat to sing every song with my parents, realizing the classics that have transcended generations. I’m so glad we were able to see the show and grateful that Ball State provides such low-cost, amazing opportunities for its students!

A funny for you for the rest of the day:

Today, we read non-fiction literature about ants in my class. The word “fungus” came up, and I asked which students knew what that word meant. One student raised his hand and said he had seen it at the grocery store. Assuming he meant mushrooms, I then gave a general explanation for fungus. At the end he exclaimed, “OH, Miss Savage, I was wrong! I don’t know what fungus is… I was thinking of Funyuns!”

Late Night Carnival, Power Soccer Tourney, etc…

Hi everybody!

Riding the Giant Skateboard! :)

It has been the craziest couple of weeks, but I have some exciting news! I finished my final showcase for my student teaching, and I only have two weeks left until I graduate! That is an exciting thing and a scary thing all at the same time… I really don’t know what to think! All I know is that my life will slow down just a little bit now that my showcase is complete! :)

The view from the Ferris Wheel!

This weekend was a busy one, and catching up on sleep was definitely not the focus. On Friday my roommate and I helped out at my elementary school carnival, serving food in the cafeteria. After our shift was over, we put on a few extra layers and went to the Ball State Carnival.

Group picture while taking a break in the warm tent! :)

One of the best parts of spring semester, Ball State hosts a large carnival every year with fair rides, fair food, and fair games that is open to students as well as the public. We rode the Ferris Wheel and Ring of Fire among other adventurous rides and even went through the fun house! We ate popcorn and cotton candy, and other people had elephant ears and fried twinkies! My friends and I stopped to listen to Steve Means from Nashville, who was playing and singing on the Main Stage. He did awesome, and I think his twitter following rose steadily after that night! :)

This past Saturday was a Ball State Preview Day, so there were hundreds of potential college students on campus with their family and friends to check out Ball State. After going to special informational sessions about their department or major, they were released for a campus tour. This was my very last tour ever, and after two and a half years of tour-guiding, that felt pretty weird. My tour students and parents were awesome though, and it was a wonderful last group. Now all the exciting factoids and information I know about Ball State will just have to sit around in my head, taking up valuable space. :)

Ball State Power Soccer rocked the floor! :)

After my tour, I headed to the Ball State Power Soccer tournament to take video and photos. According to the United States Power Soccer Association, “Power Soccer is the first competitive team sport designed and developed specifically for power wheelchair users. Athletes’ disabilities include quadriplegia, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, and many others. The game is played in a gymnasium on a regulation basketball court. Two teams of four players attack, defend, and spin-kick a 13-inch soccer ball in a skilled and challenging game similar to able-bodied soccer.” If you want to learn more about power soccer, you can visit this link:  Two of my roommates hosted the tournament, and I was pumped to help out by capturing the excitement!

Right after the tournament, my friend and I hopped in my car for a quick roadtrip back to my hometown to see my brother star as a flying monkey in his high school play, The Wizard of Oz. He did a fantastic job, as did the rest of the cast! There were little girls behind us that kept muttering cute remarks like, “I’m not scared of that mean ol’ witch!” :)

This week is busy as well, with banquets, meetings, and special events that will keep life hoppin’ to say the least. I’m hoping the weather warms up just a bit. It would definitely make recess more enjoyable :) Have a great week everyone!

Chase the Rainbow, Senior Recognition Banquet, and REAL LIFE!

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe this… there are only 23 days until graduation! How has time gone by so quickly? Four years seem to have flown by in the blink of an eye! I guess that is what happens when you go to a place like Ball State: there is always something fun and exciting to do and be involved in!

This past weekend, amidst the hours of homework, we found time to have a girls’ night/sleepover. If you thought you finished those days in middle school, think again! We drug all our mattresses into the living room and fit everyone in all over the place. It was wonderful just to relax and have fun with friends, especially since I’m not going to live with four of my best friends after this year. Boy, will I miss that!

We got splattered everywhere! :)

We also found time in our busy schedule this past weekend to run Chase the Rainbow, a colorful 5K at Ball State. While running, you passed checkpoints where volunteers splattered you with different colors of cornstarch-based paint.


Color-filled fun after the run!

I tried not to breathe during the checkpoints because it got so dusty in the air that it would make you cough! Many of my friends and I ran Chase the Rainbow together, so we had to take some fun pictures at the end! Our little five-year-old buddy ran it with us, and we all could draw a little energy from her! :)

my parents and I at the banquet :)

Yesterday was a very busy and exciting day in the life of this college senior. I had a big girl job interview at an elementary school, taught a SMART Board training session to the teachers at the school where I student teach, and attended the Senior Awards Banquet with my parents.

It was wonderful to spend time with them and to hang out with all the other seniors! Tonight was my last night teaching Drama Club at the elementary school where I student teach, and our mini final production was a success! Honestly, I wasn’t sure how things were going to turn out, but it all went together pretty nicely! Of course, anything kids do is usually pretty cute :)

Here is a short list of the things I am looking forward to in the 23 days before I graduate:

1) Tomorrow I have the opportunity to attend a special conference for educators as an Outstanding Senior in the Teacher’s College. It will be nice to spend time with the Dean and one of my professors, and I am very interested in all that I will learn from the speakers!

2) My Student Teaching Showcase is this Monday, so I am preparing for that ALL weekend! It is the culminating activity to my student teaching experience, so it has to be perfection! I want to pass :)

3) The Ball State Carnival is taking place next weekend, and I cannot wait to ride rides, overindulge on sugary sweets, and share some laughs and memories with my friends!

Who even knows what else is in store! Have a great week everyone! :)


Fogo de Chao, Book of Mormon, Giant Bean, and so on…

Hi everyone!

It has been a slightly relaxing, slightly hectic, very productive, and very enjoyable spring break this week! I feel like it went by extremely quickly, but that’s what I say every time! :) I had a to-do list longer than ever, but as of tonight, I will have completed it all, which feels wonderful! I have finished my first job application, and that makes my impending graduation all the more real! 35 days… yikes!


My family and I had a short, yet wonderful time in Chicago, filled with shopping, shows, and of course, plenty of picture taking! :) Our first stop was Fogo De Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse that immediately became my new favorite restaurant. We had the salad bar first, where I ate more than I do at a normal meal. Salad, green beans, fresh bread, meats, and cheeses, broccoli, mushrooms, and caprese salad… what more could someone ask for? :)

tasty :)

Next, you turned your seat card to green and you were instantly swarmed with servers holding swords of 16 different cuts of meat. My brother was in his own little version of heaven! :) I tried lots of different things, and I was SO FULL by the end of the meal! They also brought baked plantains, garlic mashed potatoes, and cornbread that was placed in the center of the table. It seemed like they were refilled every time we even took a bite! All in all, I was super impressed!



Playbill picture :)




That night my mom and I left my dad and brother to fend for themselves and headed off to a show, The Book of Mormon. It is produced by guys involved in the creation of South Park, and it was a little crazy, but it was also pretty funny! There were many talented people involved in the show, and I loved the soundtrack and choreography! The Bank of America theater was beautiful, too!

the giant bean!

Another stop on my family’s checklist was the giant bean situated in Millennium Park. I love the bean! 1) It is extremely random and situated in such a weird spot in a big city. 2) It is a perfect opportunity for picture-taking! We didn’t have a camera because I didn’t bring mine home, and my mom’s was dead and we couldn’t find the charger. We had to use my brother’s iPhone and my mom’s iPad to take pictures… someday, I’ll be up-to-date in the technology world! :)



My momma and I at Navy Pier!



Our last stop on our vacation (after the hours and hours of shopping and eating and more shopping…. and more eating) we stopped at Navy Pier. We toured the peninsula, and my favorite spots were the Crystal Gardens and Stained Glass Exhibition! It was such a beautiful day, one of the first of this year so far, and the sun felt amazing as we walked around outside!

All in all, it was a pretty nice spring break. I enjoyed spending quality time with my family, and because today was Easter, it was family gathering time! We dressed up, took pictures, and then dressed down to take walks in the woods. That’s more my family’s style anyways! :) I hope you all had a nice Easter holiday and are ready to start a great week!

Spring Break, you’re finally here! :)

Hi everyone!

Well after a week of watching everyone else go home, sitting in my empty house alone in the evenings, and finding absolutely no one to distract me from getting things done, I was ready to go on my own spring break! Since my spring break is based on the elementary school that I work at, I ended up having the same spring break as the rest of my family at home! We are headed up to Chicago tomorrow for a mini-vacation, and my mom and I are catching “The Book of Mormon” at the theater! So excited!

My students gave their final presentations in our Classroom Museum, and we had over 100 visitors come in to see the exhibits. Classes from every grade level 1-5, parents, and even grandparents made an appearance. I was proud of my students and all the work they put into their projects. We also had a class speaker come in to talk about consumerism and being a producer. My students asked great questions (that we had thought about and prepared in advance), and some were even taking notes! So studious :)

Of course, we had to buy outfits :)

This past weekend, my housemates and I made a trip up to Indianapolis to visit a friend who is student teaching at home this semester. We decided to have a throwback night and relive a little bit of childhood that we sometimes lose sight of in the midst of all our grown-up activity. What do 21 and 22 year olds do when they want to relive the glory days? Go to Build-A-Bear of course! :) Our rationale: we are graduating soon and won’t all live together, so we’ll need mementos to remember each other. I’m pretty sure we were more excited than all the little children in the store, but we patiently waited our turn to pick out our animal, get it stuffed, put the heart in, and pick out its clothes. Allie and I made bears with fish and seaweed on them because we love scuba diving. We decided that the bears would be beneficial additions to our scuba gear when we give presentations, and they were just plain cute! :)

the finished products! how cute :)

We all tried to come up with unique names for our animals, and we ended up with Coralee Swims, Thai Cardinal, Scooby Dives, and Kevin Bananas (in the picture, from left to right :) ) The lady that stuffed our bears and rang us up must have thought we were crazy. Either that or we made her night. :) Besides spending an insane amount of time at Build-A-Bear, we also went shopping for summer clothes. Even if Indiana isn’t convinced, we know it’s spring time, and that means warmer weather (or at least, we hope so… eventually!). Stores have their shorts and tank tops out already, and it was fun to shop for clothing that doesn’t involve multiple layers in order to keep warm! We were also looking for outfits for the cruise we are planning on taking after graduation. I am so ready to be on a boat with a 24-hour ice cream machine and all the sun you could ask for! :)

So excited to go to the Whitinger Banquet! We couldn’t believe it was our last one!

One of my roommates and I have the same scholarship at Ball State, and twice a year they hold a banquet where we mingle with those on the selection committee and eat yummy food. We had our spring banquet this past weekend, and I couldn’t believe that four years have flown by so quickly! Or last banquet of college, and we intended to enjoy it! We had four courses that ended in raspberry cheesecake, and my tummy was happy! I must have been born in a barn though, because I couldn’t manage to keep all my chicken on my plate. While trying to cute it, it slipped off my knife and flew onto the floor. Lucky for me, I was even sitting at the table of the Dean… perfect. :) Wilisha Scaife, an advocate for children through the Muncie P3 Program, was the keynote speaker, whom I nominated to present. Her speech was dynamic and convicting, and I was grateful to have heard her words. Four years of college have quickly flown by, and her words were encouraging as I get ready to graduate. It’s a crazy, scary idea that I’ll soon be entering the real, adult world! Yikes! :)

I’ve accomplished most of my to-do list so far this week, and I hope to continue with my productivity so that I am set-up for the week back at school. I also need to fill out job applications for the districts I am interested in, which is an additional job in itself. I’m hoping to finish out the school year with at least a small amount of my sanity! Have a great rest of your week! :)

Life, you’re crazy!

Hi everybody!

I hope you have had a great week! My week was one of the busiest yet because I was working on the completion of my LAMP unit, which is an interdisciplinary set of lesson plans with a focus on English and Reading. My students and I have been reading the book From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. In the story, two children run away from home and live in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, exploring exhibits and solving a mystery about a statue’s creator. We have completed a variety of activities while reading the story, like making predictions, keeping a transaction record for the children’s expenses, and creating exhibits of our own to be part of our Classroom Museum. We presented our exhibits this past Thursday, and parents as well as other class came to visit and see what my students had created. I was so impressed by all their hard work, and it showed in their presentations! Proud teacher moment!

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this kid?

Last weekend, I spent time at home, and we had a party at our house for people we know who were visiting from Brazil. Although my Spanish was a little rusty, I used it to translate all night, and it was close enough to Portuguese that we got everyone their food, the bathrooms, and other things they needed without much confusion. There were two Brazilian children there as well, and I spent most of my evening playing with them. We played with Barbies and bikes and had a multitude of dance parties that kept the adults laughing for extended periods of time. I seriously just love children and their crazy antics!

The whole group all together! Culture extravaganza!

We had a pretty diverse group of people at our house, with another Indian couple and their child mixed in with my family and family friends. Life was crazy but so fun at the same time! My dad got out his guitar and while the little boy played the harmonica in the background, we all jammed out to a variety of genres of music. We even played some Portuguese songs!

The birthday crew!

This Friday was my housemate’s birthday and we all went to Puertas to eat to celebrate! For birthdays they bring out a sombrero with the pretty sopapillas dessert, so you know it’s going to be a good time! Afterwards, we went back to our house and had funfetti cake that my other housemate baked. Because we are poor college kids, we didn’t have any birthday candles (especially 22 of them), so we improvised. We lit a jar candle, held it over the cake, and she made a wish and blew it out. Pretty ingenious if you ask me. :)

My ladies were movin’ and a groovin’!

Today I hosted a Zumbathon, which is two hours of Latin American-inspired dancing straight-through without organized breaks. I wasn’t sure I was even going to survive the two hours, but the ladies in my class inspired me to get pumped, and before I knew it, it was time for the cool-down! My roommates and I still aren’t sure if we will be able to walk tomorrow though… :) I am actually going to get my fill of Zumba this week because I teach my regular class Monday and Thursday, and I have another Zumbathon for IJM, International Justice Mission, on Tuesday. IJM is the organization that promotes awareness and action against human trafficking and exploitation. Hello, burning calories! I think I might deserve ice cream by the end of this week! Berrywinkle? I’m thinking Yes! :)

Tonight my friends and I went to Late Night, which was circus-themed. We ate corn dogs, cotton candy, and elephant ears. We also ended up coloring large picture pages of Cinderella while we were there, just because we could. It’s what all the cool college kids do. :) Because I have let myself have such a fun, non-academic, semi-unproductive start to this weekend, tomorrow will be dedicated to planning lessons and creating materials. Fun, fun :)

Have a happy Sunday and great start to your week!

Junior year joy and part of a team…

Hey guys!

It’s Spring Break here at Ball State, but since I’m on my elementary school’s calendar, guess who is stuck in Muncie for the week? Yup, that’d be this kid. My roommate who is also student teaching this semester is stuck here too, but the house is going to feel pretty lonely without the other three musketeers running around. Who will distract me and go for ice cream runs all the time? It may be a very productive week!

Since I didn’t quite finish my list last time, here are some fool-proof ways to have a Junior year full of joy and excitement. :)

Just chilling, doing the Bernie in Panama City :)

1) Take a trip for Spring Break! My Junior year, a sizable group of us went down to Panama City through an organization called CRU that I am involved in. We lived in villas right off the beach, sat around in the hot tub overlooking the ocean at night, and completed service-based projects around the area. We had a blast, and it was a way to connect fun with caring in a less-Indiana, more-tropical setting. :)

Murder Mystery Birthday Party! :)

2) Make, plan, and have birthday parties to celebrate your friends, because they are special, and because you can! In the picture on the right, we organized a Murder Mystery Dinner Party. Everyone was given their personal identification for the evening, and they had to come dressed and acting as that character. Throughout the dinner (my family acted as the chefs, maids, and butlers), a murder was revealed, and clues were uncovered so that we could try to figure out who had completed the heinous crime! It turned out to be my friend’s boyfriend, and we were all astonished at his wrongful actions! :)

the view of the Ball State Carnival from atop the ferris wheel!

3) Attend any and ALL events on campus that involve ferris wheels! :) Ball State hosts a carnival every year towards the end of April where they bring in all different kinds of rides, games, food, and challenges for students to enjoy. It is open to the Muncie community as well, so it’s fun to see little kids and college kids freaking out on the scrambler together! :) Did I mention it is FREE (every college student’s favorite word)?!? Grab your friends and gorge yourselves on chilly cheese dogs and cotton candy.

one of the greatest pictures of all-time, I’m convinced. We have so much thrill in our lives, that this really tripped us up. :)

Then make yourself sick on the Gravitron, Ferris Wheel, and Fun Slides. That’s basically what we did. I just had to include the picture to the right because it is so funny! Three little kids had just gone down the slide before us without so much as a yelp, so we were feeling pretty confident. Apparently, the increase in weight also means a larger amount of gravitational pull, a faster speed, and an increased awareness of the bumps built into the apparatus. After a mixture of butterflies in the tummy, adrenaline in the bloodstream, and a knife in the tookus, we opted for the Ferris Wheel next. :)

Anyways, it’s important to remember (even during finals weeks) that college is a time to enjoy having all your friends in close proximity and a lot of free opportunities to choose from. Make sure that you don’t miss out on something because you have procrastinated! My motto is: I can sleep when I’m dead. I have taken that to heart.

So excited to be part of Mitchell Elementary School! :)

Well, I believe I’ve given you enough tips to help make your college experience a blast and a half. :) Honestly, I could never imagined as a high school senior, the true level of excitement and opportunity that awaited me in college. Maybe it’s because I’m a small town girl, but life in college really opened up my eyes to the world beyond what I could then see. Allow yourself to experience it all, good and bad, so that you come out of the experience a stronger person.

This week my cooperating teacher let me borrow one of her t-shirts so that I could participate in their spirit day. I was so excited to rep my school, and my kids told me that orange looked good on me! I am really starting to feel like part of the team of teachers at Mitchell, and that is a very special feeling of acceptance. :) After pulling two all-nighters this week (whatever happened to that 10 p.m. bedtime??) I was ready for the weekend just to catch up on some sleep. I hope you all have a restful weekend and are ready to greet the month of March with a joyful, excited attitude! Happy Saturday! :)

My little munchkins are fantastic! :)

Life as of yet and as I know it…

Hi everyone!

This weekend I allowed myself a short break to go out to dinner and have fun with my friends. We ate at Puertas (because really, it’s the best), and it was nice just to relax and laugh with everybody. I saw three other student teachers there as well, so I guess Puertas was everyone’s ideal Friday night! :)

Off to Puertas! Yum! :)

This week I was very busy creating materials and activities that would make learning meaningful and fun for my students! My housemates helped me make Oobleck, a sticky, gooey, confusing substance that actually passes for both a solid and a liquid, because we are working on the states of matter. I read the book Bartholomew and Oobleck by Dr. Suess to my students, and they had so much fun guessing what Oobleck was and what it would look and feel like!

You can see why my hands were green for a couple of days after this!

My students have kept me on my toes and are constantly testing me to see if I will stay firm and consistent in my discipline, but they also have a super sweet side to them. I found this note while I was grading their timed tests the other day. How can this not make your heart all warm and fuzzy inside?

My students really know how to make me smile!

As I’ve progressed through this semester, I’ve gotten caught up in the whirlwind of it all. What is crazy to remember is that I only have 68 days left until graduation. Almost four years have gone by since I started college, and it became the life I knew. I have begun applying for jobs and looking into all possible options, but I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that I am really going to graduate soon. It’s just crazy. When I graduated high school I thought, “How can life really get any better than this?” Then, when I got to college, I realized that life looked so much bigger and far-reaching than my high school years ever showed me. I am kind of going through a similar situation now where I keep thinking, “I love my friends, my community, and the life that has been built for me here. How can things get any better?” I have to remember to trust that life is constantly growing new passions and desires in us to change our position, our understanding, and our purpose. It is with joyful anticipation that I look forward toward this next step in my life!

Happy Sunday, everybody! Have a great week! :)


Jammin’, Joyful Junior Year! :)

Hey everybody!

Because my life this semester is filled with student teaching and all the work that goes along with it, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to talking about how to have a totally successful junior year! :)

Clean out your lint, kids! This isn’t safe!

1. If you are moving into a house or apartment off campus, there are some responsibilities that go along with it. One is to clean out your lint after you’ve dried your clothes. We actually forgot to do this for about a month, and when we finally remembered that we needed to, we had a pretty significant chunk stuck down in there! Lint can cause fires inside the dryer, and this is something you don’t want to deal with, especially as new renters! In the picture to the right, my roommate is holding the lint we pulled from the dryer in both her hands. Yikes! We are grateful we didn’t cause a fire, but we also are more careful about things now. Other household tips (which I’m sure will be covered by your mother) are not to pour grease down the sink drain, remember to take out your trash and keep it covered, and do not leave open food out on the counter. Not like I’m speaking from experience or anything :)

Everybody loves fresh peaches! :)



2. If you are living on or off campus, it is always important to look for deals and savings. The local Farmer’s Market at Minnetrista in Muncie is a great place to find great savings on fresh produce, and your business spurs on the local economy. My friends and I used peaches from the Farmer’s Market to make a peach pie, and it was so tasty! :) Minnetrista is not far from campus, and walking there is a scenic route!

Pumped to start the Harry Potter workout! :)



3. Try new things, even if you didn’t think you liked them the last time. I had never read Harry Potter or seen any of the movies before I came to college. My roommate and I had a marathon weekend once and watched them all, so when i discovered the Harry Potter workout on Pinterest, I knew I had to try it! My roommates and I (after dressing up for the occasion, of course) wrote all the clues down so we wouldn’t miss a beat. We made it through one whole movie before we tuckered out. When you’re doing ten jumping jacks every time someone casts a spell and ten squats every time points are taken away from one of the houses, you get tired pretty quickly! :)

When in doubt, go with the race cars and coloring hats! :)

4. Sometimes, it’s okay not to act quite your age. My friends and I had a craving for Steak and Shake milkshakes late one night, so we went in for Happy Hour (2 a.m. to 4 a.m.) and downed some Reese’s Peanut Butter cup milkshakes. I believe it’s humanly impossible to go to Steak and Shake without having some of their delicious, think fries covered in melted cheese (the zero calorie kind, for sure)! In order to make things even more exciting, my friends and I put together a kids’ craft where we made cars and raced them. We also decorated hats. Never a dull moment in college :)

Mentos and Cola… who knew it could be such a fun concoction? :)


5. Remember above how I said it’s okay not to always act your age? Well, in the picture to the right, my friends and I were outside in my front yard making Cola fountains using Mentos. :) A chemical reaction with the sugary candy makes the pop explode like a volcano. It’s crazy fun! To add to the apparent level of danger and excitement, my friends and I placed Mentos in our mouths and poured Cola in on top of it. It bubbled up so quickly that you couldn’t help but spew it out, and this activity made for quite a few laughs. We were also soaked in sticky, messy, sugary Cola by the time we were finished. Like i said, never a dull moment. :)

I am sure that if you include all these things in your junior year, you will have a blast, make lots of new friends, and enjoy every minute of your third academic year! :)

Have a great week everyone! :)